About GenMont

      GenMont Biotech is the leading brand of functional probiotics, we devoted on the human health care. In 2000, GenMont Biotech Incorporation-headquarter (Stock: 3164) was established in Tainan Science-based Industrial Park, Taiwan. Build up a professional R&D team, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, a diverse lactic acid bacterial strains repository and received certification of ISO 22000, HACCP international standard quality and Halal. In order to challenge this huge global food supplement market, GenMont Biotech Group set up a branch in China to expand the potential customers and increase a higher productivity.

Your first choice for health care

      Constant evolution with the spirit of “Providing innovative service, healing people by advanced biotechnology”, GenMont Biotech owns many experienced professionals from across various fields such as nutrition, food science, and microbiology in our research team and focus on developing new functional strains, investigated the comprehensive applications of probiotics (e.g. dietary supplements, beverages with lactic acid, toothpaste, cream etc.) that efficacious functions were scientifically proven by academics institutes and clinical trials. Under strict quality control standards and professional R&D, we can provide all-rounded OEM/ODM service and high quality finished products to satisfy our customers’ demand.