R&D Center

Foundational goals

In the era of booming development of the biotechnology industry, microbiology research is changing rapidly, which extreme impacts on the environment and biology. With the technological advancements that have opened new fields of inquiry, more and more studies have demonstrated the closed link between microorganisms and human health.  

In view of this, how to prove the effects of probiotic products by scientific experiments, and apply to improve the symptoms of diseases, prevent the occurrence of diseases, and even contribute to the big health industry are the goals of the R&D center.

Professional R&D Team

R&D center gathers professionals from across various fields such as microbiology & immunology, basic medical science, food science, biochemistry, and nutrition, and focuses on the latest discoveries and applications in microbiology.

Hundreds of millions of Taiwanese dollars have been invested since R&D center establishment. Based on core technologies such as strain screening, whole genome sequencing (WGS), cell and animal experimentations, human clinical trials, and fermentation, R&D team specializes in the development of functional probiotics and attaches importance to the safety of strains. By getting many invention patents, publications in academic journals, and positive feedback from our customers, hopefully, sustainability develops functional strains to benefit human health.

Industry- government-university cooperation

Now GenMont has established a leading position in the field of functional probiotics in Taiwan. Nevertheless, to establish a complete database, GenMont continues to cooperate with the academic and the medical field, and actively seeks government subsidies to carry out more animal experiments, human clinical trials, and other safety and functional tests, accumulating a wealth of scientific evidence.