Probiotics Q&A

What are the common types of probiotics?

˙ Bifidobacterium

         B. bifidum

         B. infantis

  B. breve

  B. longum

 B. lactis

˙ Lactobacillus

 L. acidophilus

 L. casei

L. reuteri

        L. rhamnosus

        L. fermentium

 L. paracasei

       L. johnsonii

˙ Streptococcus 

S. thermophilus  

The relationship between probiotics and health

  Probiotics are microorganisms that exert a beneficial effect on human health. It can regulate the intestinal microbiota and modulate the immune response. Studies shows that imbalance in gut microbiota (dysbiosis) caused many human disease. The use of beneficial probiotics can promote the growth of beneficial microbes and inhibit overgrowth of pathogens in the gut, are the basis of dietetic intervention strategies to improve intestinal dysbiosis.

  Although probiotics support a number of health benefits, however, some probiotic effect is strains-specific. It indicates that different strains of same species may with differently function. The effect of strains-specific of probiotic needs scientific verification.

How to choose the best probiotic supplements?

1.       The product clearly identifies the species name.

2.       The product must be safe for consumer.

    3.   The benefits of the product are confirmed by scientific research.

Who should take probiotics?

1.     The people like to eat out.

2.     Older generations.

3.     Vegetables and fruit haters.

    4.  The people with Suboptimal health status (Sub-healthy).

Do probiotics need to be refrigerated?

1.     The probiotic supplements with special manufacturing process can ensure alive probiotics to reach and colonize in human gut.

2.     The best storage way is to keep your probiotics in a refrigeration at 2~8℃ for maintain its activity. If your probiotic supplements must leave cold-storage, please store it in a dry and dark place.

    3. Keeping the probiotic supplements in a stable environment will be good for potency maintenance.

How long is the probiotic supplement lose its activity without cold-storage?     

Probiotic product with good stability and quality can store in dark place at room temperature until 3 months. However, keep your probiotics in a refrigeration until expiry date is recommended.

Is there a risk of dependence when taking probiotics on long -term basis?

1.     No! There is no known risk of addiction or dependency when taking probiotics.

  Probiotics consumption can promote good bacteria growth and inhibit pathogens in suitable condition, suggesting it can maintain gut physiological function of human.

2.     Probiotics are natural food supplements and not medicines. The mechanism of probiotics and medicine to improve human disease is very different. It is safe to take probiotics on a long-term basis without causing dependency or addiction unlike medicines.

How to choose probiotics supplements that good for your health?

  Because probiotics exert a beneficial effect on host health is mediated by regulating the intestinal microbiota and modulating the immune response, thus probiotics do not work as quickly as drugs. Most importantly for you, good dietary and life habits to regulate human physique can promote probiotic supplements beneficial effect.